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Bali was famous as Tropical Eden and Island of the Gods, the Balinese were developing a keen appreciation of their culture identity colored by Hinduism. Its make another name of Bali as Thousands Temple Island. In the fact, booming tourism on 90s make handicraft become a new potential commodity as souvenir even export in bulk quantity to many countries over the worlds. And it was create thousands of craft men in Bali. Base on local Balinese culture which simply colored by art, and get acculturation by a lot of talent, taste and culture from riches Indonesia ethnic even from any peoples from all over the world who come to Bali, create a unique jewelleries, accessories and handicraft by local touch but have global taste.

Its especially appearance on fashion jewelry and accessory products such as surfer necklace , choker and bracelet, bangle, unique sea kinds of earring and belt, wooden ring, etc. It was made mainly by natural material such as shell, MOP, bone, coco, wood, feather, corals and combined by factory products of beads and finding. It's also appereance on bag, shoe & slipper. And the design was very vogue to claim has of a Balinese, Maduranese, Africans, Mexicans, Indian, or a global modern people. Even they produced a dreamcatcher and bamboo wind chime. The same story happen on another handicraft, it was made by powerful local talent and idea, but in the same time they make an order by clients design with taste of their origin, it's like a glass candle holder or picture frame. However, the entire product very potential for your business because it really beautiful, interested, and marketable. And Balicrafters build to help you to explore and brought all of those kind interesting to your market with a trust!

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